Receiving these photos today made our family forget the crazy that is happening.. we got lost remembering how tiny Roman was and the memories of those special first couple of weeks together. 

You have captured everything we wanted and more. The album is beyond perfect and I have no idea how to choose which photos I will get printed and framed. 

Thank you for your time, your guidance and skills. You have given us a perfect timeless gift. 
- Lenny 

Thank you so very much for your incredible work! 

From the moment I reached out to you, you have made this a warm and friendly process. Our sweet but incredibly awake little girl made you work for the images of her looking perfectly content and you took it all in your stride (not your first curious babe that wants to stay up and watch you work, I’m sure) and you did it all from the comfort of our squishy little home. Something I’m so thankful for during the first crazy week of figuring out what babies are all about. These are images that will define our families journey this year and will be something we look back on often and fondly (Especially when she’s no longer a content little newborn). 

I wholeheartedly believe this won’t be the first and last time our family seek out to be in front of your camera and hope you continue to capture our family’s milestones as we grow - Kellee